Pacific Vista Ranch
June 13, 2024

You Give Good Game: A Rivals to Lovers Contemporary Romance

Grace Steele lit up the screen as a child star. Toby McAvoy burned up the slopes snowboarding in the Olympics. Now they share one goal: to win the coveted one million dollar prize on reality TV’s Celebrity Charity Champions. Only one of them can walk away with the cash. Without the prize money, Grace will have to shutter her senior animal rescue sanctuary, and Toby won’t be able to help any more disabled athletes.

All’s fair in love and reality TV, and Grace and Toby’s scorching chemistry makes for great ratings. It’s also a huge distraction from what matters most: winning. Can these two worthy competitors keep their eyes on the prize and resist their very real connection?

Toby chuckled. “Don’t worry, Grace, I don’t bite. I mean, not unless you ask nicely.”

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