California Suits #1
August 12, 2021

Hotel King

He’s her grumpy boss. She’s his nemesis. How thin is the line between love/hate?

Entrepreneur Ryan Michaels never loses. Well, except that time, a few years ago when he lost a promotion to spoiled rich girl, Charlotte “Charlie” Ray. Now he’s forced to hire his nemesis to secure funding to develop a string of luxury boutique hotels. Not only does she not fit his corporate vision, but she’s too damn attractive for her own good. And his.

Working as VP of Sales and Marketing for a luxury hotel is Charlie’s dream job. Too bad her boss is Ryan Michaels, the same pompous stick-in-the-mud that she remembers. If he tells her that this project is his legacy one more time, she might scream. Or maybe kissing him will get him to shut up?

Because that’s the other thing. The sizzling attraction between Ryan and Charlie is impossible to ignore. But everyone knows not to mix business and pleasure. Don’t they?

One click this enemies to lovers, office rivals steamy romance today!

***Hotel King is the first book in award-winning and USA Today bestselling author Claire Marti’s new spin off contemporary romance series, California Suits. The series follows the adventures of five best friends who are opening a string of luxury boutique hotels from La Jolla to Monterey to Beverly Hills as each one finds true love…usually where he least expects it. Each book is a standalone.

She turned her head, and their mouths were mere inches apart. Her eyes widened and she drew in a sharp inhale. Then, she closed the distance between them and brushed her soft lips against his in a featherlight kiss.

He froze, every sense in his body on high alert.

When he didn’t respond, she pulled back, her cheeks coloring. “I’m sorry, I––”

Before she could retreat further, he cupped her chin.

Neither of them moved for a moment, then he slanted his mouth across hers again. She sighed and leaned into him, her lush lips parting. She tasted of rich wine and sweet Charlie. He wrapped his fingers around the back of her neck, held her still, and deepened the kiss. His tongue danced and sparred with hers and he growled deep in his throat. Every muscle leapt to attention and fire coursed through his veins.

With a throaty moan, she turned and slid her arms around his neck, arching her slender torso against his. Together, they tumbled to the hardwood floor with a thump. He landed on his ass, which served as a pretty good wake up call.

She gasped and scooted away from him, her fingers pressed to her mouth, her dark eyes wide.

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5 Stars: Charlotte O’Shay Setting is king in Hotel King, the swoony, sophisticated first book in Marti’s California Suits series. Claire Marti’s new series starter, Hotel King captivated me from start to finish.

5 Stars: Isha C I Love Books Blog Caught in a battle of wills, sparks fly, hearts break and romance takes hold. Marti speaks the language of love with a melodic voice and a graceful heart.

5 Stars: Katie O’Sullivan Book Blog In Hotel King, Ryan and Charlie prove once again that Claire is a master of enemies to lovers romance, and a master of writing enjoyable beach reads.

5 Stars: Bookbub Reviewer I have not read a book by Claire Marti before but Hotel King, the first book in the California Suites series is wonderful. This is a great enemies-to-lovers office romance, and it is sizzling hot. There are secrets and hidden betrayal and lots of combustible tension. I am looking forward to the next book Wine Country King.

4 Stars Valeen R. Charlie is one independent, sassy woman who takes no kinda bs off anyone, and Ryan is alpha to the core with a big, soft heart once he starts developing real feelings for his nemesis. Hotel King is witty, sexy as hell, and so entertaining – the best kind of enemies to lovers story.

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