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September 14, 2023

True Stars Collide: A Rockstar Enemies to Lovers Fake Marriage Romance

A bad boy lead guitarist. A former pop princess. A fake marriage to relaunch the band?

Zoe Hastings will do anything to shed her pop princess image and prove she’s really a rockstar. Only problem: to become the lead singer of Black Velvet Machine, the PR team insists she commit to a temporary fake marriage to “Love ‘em and Leave ‘em Liam,” bad boy lead guitarist.

Liam Jones doesn’t want to play games, but he’s desperate to stage a comeback, so it’s off to the Vegas wedding chapel. Liam and Zoe can’t deny their scorching chemistry on-stage and off. Will these two opposites be able to resist their very real connection?

N.N. Light’s Rating: 5+ stars

A PR stunt for a rock band brings Zoe and Liam closer but what happens when love jolts their hearts? True Stars Collide is a rockstar fake marriage romance I read in one sitting. The discord of these characters kicked up their chemistry. The dialogue harmonized with the emotional narration to create a romance I couldn’t get enough of. The sizzling romantic tension is classic Claire Marti. If you call yourself a romance reader, you’ll fall for this couple and this story.

Let’s start with the characters. Liam first appeared in a previous book, and I thought he was a jerk. When I found out he’d get his own love story, I couldn’t wait to read it. He’s the type of hero who needs a strong, independent woman to keep him in check. By the time I finished, I fell hard for Liam. Zoe is perfect for him. She doesn’t let Liam get a pass because he’s a rockstar. She pushes him to be a better man. I connected with both Liam and Zoe right away. The heart of the matter is these two realizing what a rare connection they have. From the start, I rooted for them to get together and fall in love. The rest of the cast fills out the plot and adds depth to the story.

Besides the characters, what makes True Stars Collide such a satisfying romance is the world-building. Claire Marti takes the reader behind the scenes of the music industry. She doesn’t pull any punches and crafts a plot that’s so realistic, it plunged me into the story. Every detail, every action and reaction rang true. As a music doc lover, I couldn’t get enough.

The romance is a couple different tropes. It’s a blend of rockstar, fake marriage, confined sleeping arrangements, plus workplace romance. The chemistry is off the charts which works so well. The combative dialogue had me whipping through the pages. I got sucked in and didn’t want to leave this couple until they got their HEA.

Claire Marti is a prolific author who writes romance tailored for the reader. She writes unforgettable characters who leap from the page. This is Claire Marti’s finest book to date.

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